Tree Machinestree-machines_cd

The new EP opens with this giant-sounding single, running without the bother of learning to crawl, and lyrically capturing the idea of not caring in a way no artist has before. “With open mouths to feed, we’re fucking off today,” Woolridge sings with ultimate conviction, adding an ironic touch that gives the song even more potency.

Why haven’t we heard a song about apathy delivered in such blunt terms until now? It’d have to be a tune with a melody and hook as strong as these to be believable, especially for a debut single with “fucking” in the title.  Tree Machines pulls it off.

The anthemic side to this message, borne of Woolridge and Aubry’s observations of the on-off, blissed-out-but-strung-out club kids they’d see during their gigs as lighting designers, actually has a much more personal side for the guys themselves…. read more!